Energy saving rotary screw air compressor manufacturer

Atlas Greenair is committed to providing clients in high-temperature areas with super stable and clean compressed air

Green Air Group (China) Limited. is a specialized designer and manufacturer of air compressors and related products, including rotary screw air compressors, air dryers, air compressor parts, and more. Our products are designed by professional experts resulting in compressors with highly effective performance, energy efficiency, and durability. We are committed to supplying customers with outstanding equipment that meets all of their needs while minimizing operating costs. Atlas Greenair products are now sold all over the world and live up to their quality reputation. Contact us today to learn more about our air compressor products! Details

Air compressor products designed for various occasions
  • The high efficient air end and IE3 motor are produced under technical guidance of Green Air Group (China) Limited. bearings used for air end components and motors are SKF products, while electrical elements are from SIEMENS.
  • We conduct a 24-hour test run to ensure our equipment is qualified before being put into the finished product warehouse to await purchase.
  • Atlas Greenair is a Chinese air compressor and air purification products manufacturer approved by Green Air Group (China) Limited and globally advanced technological guidance is available here at Atlas Greenair.